Juju Wall Decor

Pink Juju Hat Wall Decor

Pink Juju Hat Wall Decor

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  • MWH 569
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  • SNH
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  • 100% Cotton
  • Delhi, India


This Design is hand-knotted, one-of-a-kind Modern Gift Macramé Wall Hanging - Handcrafted in Cotton. We use a high quality colourfast cord specially designed for Macramé. This means that our wall hangings will maintain their Stylish shape and colour.

Juju Wall Decors - Cozy Up The Space

The Juju Wall decors are made to stand out and feature balancing while giving an ethnic feel to the wall and surroundings. Its feathery texture makes it an exotic piece for homes and folds up into a very portable piece. The beautiful Juju has become a contemporary and colorful wall décor that just blends well with any interior space. There are pink Juju Hat decors, handwoven feather headdress and the Juju Hat Black are some masterpieces at S N handicrafts that are worth a try. The juju hats are meticulously crafted and set to become the most distinctive accessories at home.