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Bracelets & Necklace Made from Rope

by Ajit Joshi 09 Jun 2021

Jewels, necklaces and bracelets are some of ladies most valuable products in the wardrobe. Guys and ladies make fashion statement about their uniqueness by wearing fashionable, distinctive and exceptional jewels. Rope necklaces have been worn from time memorial. In the olden days, they were made from natural materials such as ropes. In addition, the ropes were braided with beads made from bones, shells, teeth, wood, seeds, corals and feathers. Modern types are manufactured using beads, pearls, shells, gemstones, horn, bone, teeth, metal, glass and wood. Rope necklaces and bracelets are unique, classy and represent a blend of modern and vintage lifestyles.

Types of rope bracelets and necklaces in the market

These necklaces and bracelets are manufactured from fabrics and ropes. These are woven or braided using various techniques to acquire the required knots or twists. Depending on the required art, various knot styles, twists and braids can be developed. Then, a mechanism to lock the necklace or bracelet such as lobster claw, spring lock or oval jump ring is put.

Nautical rope bracelets are made by weaving ropes in various designs and colors. The ropes are made from cotton, nylon, silk or other fabric materials. They are suitable for beaches and watery conditions since the rope are not destroyed by water.

Rope Bracelets

Hemp bracelets are also made by weaving and knotting several rope strands in various unique patterns. Beads and other jewels may be added on the hemp.

Cord bracelets use ropes to string beads in a variety of methods. Most cords are manufactured from silk, polyester or cotton. They have various types of beads stringed on the rope. By using unique artwork and beads, various attractive bracelets and necklaces can be made.

Woven bracelets are hand or machine woven from leather, cotton or silk. There are various designs and artwork and incorporate different types of bead patterns.

Braided bracelets and necklaces: they are handmade or custom made. The incorporate various braiding methods to form unique and attractive bracelet and necklace designs.

Rope Necklaces

Occasions to wear Rope necklaces and bracelets

Rope necklaces and bracelets are unique friendship gifts and can be worn during casual outing with friends, on the beach, during swimming, dancing and other outdoor occasions. They are ideal for casual beach look or during dating tours when one need minimalist wear.

Rope bracelets are also worn in outdoor events, political meetings as well as sporting activities such as football, major league baseball and athletics.

Specially designed rope necklaces and bracelets incorporating gold and other precious gemstones can be worn as statement necklaces in fashion events, night outs and other special functions.

Skills with Rope necklaces and bracelets

Rope necklace and bracelet manufacturers use various weaving and branding techniques to create a vast number of unique and stylish jewels. Making rope bracelets and necklaces require a combination of skills and artwork to enable one choose the right color and rope type, braid them in a distinctive manner and incorporate matching beads and jewels.

Rope bracelets and necklace suppliers in India

India is endowed with skilled craftsmen and ladies producing a vast number of classy rope necklaces and bracelets. You can find some of the best modern and vintage hand braided rope necklaces and bracelets in India.

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